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You'll actually save money buying our Magnetic Water Conditioning System!

  Symbiotic Systems, Inc.
Symbiotic Systems, Inc. started its life as "Good For You!" back in 1990 with the discovery of our flagship product "Willard Water" by founder and President, Mark Cook. In 1995 we put our first products on the Internet and by focusing on controlled growth, quality control and customer service we have outlasted many other internet companies and continue to serve our customers who have been with us for many years now. We have been selling our Magnetic Magic Water Conditioning Systems all over America since 1996 as a result of solving our own hard water problems. In 1997, Mr. Cook invented "LiceRx", a nontoxic head lice remedy and has since gone on to accumulate and create a number of products designed to improve our customers lives. After 11 years of exploring natural healing methods from around the world, we changed our name so as to more reflect both our increasing product diversity as well as our business philosophy of "If it works for you, it works for us". We now focus on three primary areas - natural healing solutions, agriculture and alternative energy. We hope we will be able to serve you soon. Thank you for visiting. We hope to see your order soon.

 Quality Products

  Natural Healing
Products to improve
your life
Save up to 40% on
energy costs
  Lice RX
The non-toxic solution
to head lice

Zenith Design - Prices 75% lower than any other designer on the Net Guaranteed!

You install our system and forget it. Instead of a monthly expense, you enjoy a monthly savings in reduced water heating costs and longer appliance life.

We guarantee your satisfaction!

Magnetic Water Conditioning System  
  Say Good-bye to...

High Dental bills! This Report proves it reduces plaque
Water Heaters burning out their elements
Decreased water pressure due to mineral deposits
Scale or spots on glassware, silverware and your car
Crust rings forming in your toilet tanks
Heavy white deposits on shower heads and faucets
Hard to remove soap scum on shower tiles and doors
Appliances failing before their time
Elevated levels of sodium in your diet
Only $179.85 for 3 Units!
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  Facts of Hard Water

Basically, water moves through the earth dissolving minerals, holding them in solution as salts, consisting mainly of calcium and magnesium. Most of these salts eventually deposit themselves as scale in your pipes, water heaters and other appliances which use water. Scale build-up is the result of a natural crystallization process which is accelerated by heating. The energy loss of trying to heat water through scale is substantial. A one-half inch thick layer of scale in your water heater will retard heat transfer by up to 70%! That's costing you money and a good reason why you should be interested in Purchasing our Product.

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